Educational Kits

Products that encourage the development of young hands and minds.

"My students absolutely loved these big "Lincoln Log-type blocks! They ended up hoping for indoor recess so they could use their creativity to design new structures. Particularly, they loved attempting to build a chair that would support their weight, have a back, and have arm rests! I was impressed with how the blocks encouraged students to cooperate together to problem solve and come up with new ways to build. The possibilities are endless and I would recommend these blocks for any elementary classroom!"
- Johanna Davis

  • Teacher recommended for STEM curriculum
  • Cross curricular education
  • Encourage group projects

A variety of kits designed for open-ended and cooperative play. These natural toys are made from regionally sourced Northern White Pine wood and come unfinished.

Educational Kit #1 - $220

Four Pre-K stools 12" x 12" x 9" high. Call (802)447-8360 or email to order.
stool kit 4 stool kit alternate School Kit 1 Content list

Educational Kit #2 - $325

Call (802)447-8360 or email to order.
 school kit 2 content list

Educational Kit #3 - $430

Call (802)447-8360 or email to order.
 school kit 3 content list

Educational Kit #4 - $540

Call (802)447-8360 or email to order.
school kit 4 contents

Play and Build Stool - $65

A sturdy stool that young children can build themselves. Kids can make their own furniture and take it apart for endless possibilities. Please do not allow children to stand on this stool. 12" x 12" x 9" high.
stool kitdoll fort

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