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About the Vermont Wooden Block pieces.

The Vermont Wooden Block system is made up of unique (Patent Pending) interlocking blocks that fit together to create endless possibilities. Standard pieces include the #1 (12”) Blocks, the #2 (20”) Blocks, the #3 (28”) Blocks. Longer blocks are also available. The small End Blocks (4”) are used to create turns and openings, such as doors and window. Wide, Flat Top Blocks are used for capping off buildings, or stools to sit on. These natural toys are made from regionally sourced White Pine wood and are supplied unfinished. (sizes are approximate)

Thank you to CAT-TV and the ‘Bennington Made’ project for the feature piece!

Bennington Made // Vermont Wooden BlocksEpisode #7 of ‘Bennington Made’ takes us to the home of Robert Pinsonneault, founder and CEO of Vermont Wooden Blocks. Here he takes raw wood and makes high quality building blocks for people of all ages! Think of them as Lincoln Logs on steroids – take a look and see for yourself! #BenningtonMade #Bennington #Vermont #CATTV #PEG #PublicAccessTV #CommunityMedia #Blocks #VermontWoodenBlocks #VTBeginsHere

Posted by Cat-tv Bennington on Monday, October 3, 2016


“Adherence to the following statements and warnings significantly reduces the likelihood of serious injury.”
Adult supervision is required.

  • These building blocks are not intended for use by children under three years of age.
  • This toy should be inspected for potential hazards by an adult prior to each use.  Wood is a natural material, so breakage and wear can occur.  Any parts showing signs of dangerous wear or breakage should be discarded.
  • As with any building block system and the likelihood and desire of many children to climb, adult supervision is required.
  • This toy is designed for indoor use.

The Vermont Wooden Block Company wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable experience.

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